Toni Erdmann (15)

Toni Erdmann

All screenings will be shown with Descriptive Subtitles (HOH).

Writer-director Maren Ade’s tragi-comedy is as continually surprising, hilarious, exasperating and bizarrely touching as its shambling, mischievous, titular shapeshifter. The film takes aim at corporatocracy, and launched Sandra Hüller’s meteoric acting career outside of Germany.

When Winfried’s career-driven, expat daughter Ines pays a flying visit from Romania, the pair’s awkward reunion is incessantly and - from her perspective - gratefully interrupted by work-related calls. Shortly after, Winfried travels to see Ines in Bucharest. The trip doesn’t go well and Winfried decides that his daughter’s life needs a few changes. Or rather, his bewigged, snaggle-toothed alter ego ‘Toni Erdmann’ does. Toni turns up at the worst moments, ambushing and pranking an already stressed Ines at work meetings and social engagements, to ends neither of them could possibly predict.

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Tuesday 9 Jul 20243:00pm
Thursday 11 Jul 20247:45pm