Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry (15)

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Etero (a sensitive performance by Eka Chavleishvili) is a self-contented shop owner and blackberry forager in a small Georgian town. Happily single in her late 40s, she never expected to feel a sudden surge of desire for one of the local men. Director Elene Naveriani, creates a deliciously shrewd and refreshing portrait of a woman who doesn’t want, or need, to conform.

The Garden Cinema View:

A nuanced character study, Elene Naveriani's Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry proves to be more complex than it initially seems. Etero, a 48-year-old virgin who falls short of most social standards, is expected to express gratitude for the condescending behaviour of her first-ever lover and her so-called friends. However, the surprising decisions she makes display an inspiring sense of self-confidence that makes this film an interesting case of female representation on screen. Akin to Aki Kaurismäki's finest works, the film skilfully intertwines personal narratives with social commentary, employing an intimate story as a vehicle to challenge ageism, misogyny, and societal prejudices.

Eka Chavleishvili's powerful central performance, coupled with Agnesh Pakozdi's stunning cinematography that vividly captures this Georgian village, also contribute to the uniqueness of this enchanting film that lingers in the mind long after you leave the cinema.  

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Monday 24 Jun 20248:30pm