London Film Week presents: Last Summer (preview screening) (18)

London Film Week presents: Last Summer (preview screening)

One of the world’s most consistently provocative filmmakers for nearly 50 years, Catherine Breillat proves with her incendiary, compelling new drama that she is not through toying with viewers’ comfort levels.

In Last Summer, Léa Drucker stars as Anne, a lawyer who specialises in cases of sexual consent and parental custody. Seemingly happily married to kind-hearted businessman Pierre with adopted twin daughters, Anne inexplicably finds herself drawn to Pierre’s estranged 17-year-old son Théo (Samuel Kircher) after the boy returns home to live with them. Breillat’s incisive screenplay—cannily altered from the Danish erotic thriller Queen of Hearts on which it’s based—elegantly surveys the situation’s extreme power dynamics while giving the brilliant Drucker the chance to create a character who exists entirely within her own moral boundaries.

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Saturday 9 Dec 20236:15pm