Klaus (PG)


The son of a hardworking Norwegian postmaster, Jesper is too lazy to follow in his father’s footsteps. Nevertheless, he is sent to a distant, frozen town in the Arctic circle, where he must prove himself as a postman or be cut off from the family’s fortune. The trouble is, no one sends letters in the unfriendly town of Smeerensburg. Desperate to deliver enough mail to be allowed home, Jesper persuades Klaus, a reclusive toymaker with a big white beard, to donate his old wooden toys to the town’s children. Word gets around and more children start sending letters to Mr. Klaus for presents, which they learn to share and play with together. But some of the grumpy adults don’t like this new friendly atmosphere in the town and plot to put an end to Mr. Klaus and Jesper’s mission. A fairy-tale Christmas origin story that teaches that one act of kindness leads to another.

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Saturday 30 Dec 202311:00am
Sunday 31 Dec 202311:00am