Village Rockstars

Village Rockstars (PG)

Saturday 20 Jul 2024, 11:00am

The screening is Pay What You Can, which means you’re free to pay as much or as little as you can afford. By paying for a ticket, you will enable us to keep offering Pay What You Can screenings to families struggling with the cost of living. Thank you

Suggested Prices

Band A: £0 - I struggle to meet my basic needs. We have an allocation of subsidised tickets at this price. Please email to enquire about this.

Band B: £3 - I just about cover my basic needs.

Band C: £6 - I can cover my basic needs.

Band D: £9 - I comfortably meet my basic needs.

Band E: £12 - I have expendable income and financial security.

Choose Seats (Click the Seating Plan to select each Seat in turn, up to 10 in total)


Carer (CEA Card)£3.00
Band B£3.00
Band C£6.00
Band D£9.00
Band E£12.00